Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yoga and how it's changed my life

Two years ago I went to India for the first time.

Specifically to study yoga at the source of Ashtanga yoga, Mysore.
I went to Mysore feeling lost, and asking for my life purpose.

The answer I got was: 
You know you are on purpose if what you are doing makes you thrive.

So I asked myself, what makes me thrive?

  • Different cultures
  • Being outside/ nature
  • Spiritual connection
  • Adventure
  • New experiences
  • Sports
  • Colors
  • Being of service
Suddenly I felt like I got the point. I realized that these are the things that make me happy, and settling down and doing what I saw everyone else doing around me wasn't going to do it for me.

My three months in Mysore left me a changed person, and I knew I had to return to India.
Nine months later I was back.
The best advice I got about traveling in India is that India is like a magnifying glass. What ever you put out comes back to you MAGNIFIED.
This was so true.

I quickly put aside any fear about my trip and began setting positive intentions:
  • I have a smooth and easy time in India
  • I meet amazing, friendly, nice people
  • I am always safe and protected
  • I deepen my spiritual connection
  • I have amazing adventures
I began reciting my intentions over and over in my head.

Guess what?
It worked!

The six months I spent this second time in India were truly magical. Every intention I set happened to the maximum degree.

Rishikesh, India

  • I met amazing people. 
  • I always felt safe. 
  • I got amazing places to stay. 
  • I accomplished all of my adventures. (Cycling from Manali to Leh, Cycling from Leh to Srinagar, kayaking the Zanskar Gorge and Upper Indus, Trekking the Marka Valley) 
  • I deepened my spiritual practices
  • I met a healer and did alot of personal growth work
  • Doors opened. 

Every single intention I set happened. 

Truth be told I didn’t want to leave, and can’t wait to go back.

My whole life changed while I was there, and it felt like true transformation.
I deepened my commitment to yoga, healing, and meditation. And it is now the path I am pursuing. 
I got the feeling while I was in India to come to Bali, and that Bali would be my new base.
I am now in Bali. 
Never having been here before I am trusting the guidance and doors are opening.
My new intention is:
  • Thank you for the magnificent outcome in Bali
Everyday I am feeling grateful that I took the first step two years ago to go to India, and what led me there was yoga. 
A friend once told me that taking a leap of faith is like being on the flying trapeze. You can't grab the next trapeze until you let go of the one you are on.
So I have let go of the old trapeze. I am asking for guidance everyday, and trusting that I am exactly where I am meant to be right now, and that the more I open, doors will open, and it is proving to be true. Thank you!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Polly Green - About Me - Yoga

Polly Green - Yoga

Polly began her teaching career as a ski instructor and whitewater kayak instructor in 1991.

She competed on the international whitewater kayak circuit for ten years and instructed kayaking at the top schools in the USA and New Zealand.

Her yoga journey began 12 years ago when she began learning with an Iyengar teacher.

In 2007 she found Ashtanga yoga and founded her production company Flair Films. Immediately she knew her yoga goal was to complete the primary series proficiently and go practice in Mysore, India.

She went to Mysore, India in 2012, and practiced at KPJYI with Sharath Jois for 3 months. Going to Mysore was a life changing experience, and she knew had to return to India as soon as possible.

She went back to India in June 2013 for 6 months, but this time to the North. She spent most of her time in Ladakh, and in Rishikesh. While in Rishikesh she practiced with yogi Kamal Singh at Tattva Yoga Shala and completed his 200- hour Ashtanga yoga teacher training in November 2013. She stayed on in Rishikesh for 2 weeks after the training and taught led Ashtanga classes at Tattva Yoga Shala.

She maintains a 6- day a week Mysore style Ashtanga practice and yoga has become the main focus of her life.